How Much For Trekking Package To Climb Mount Rinjani

Trekking package Price to Climb Mount rinjani


How Much is Package Price to Climb Rinjani?

How much is a Quote?or how much is a package price to climb rinjani?is a question that is 100% sure to be asked for all those who want to climb to mount rinjani.

therefore I want to explain some things before giving the price of climbing package to mount Rinjani.

Rinjani trekking package price is varied, divided into 3 parts namely are:

  • number of  Trekking days
  • type of trekking package
  • number of participant.

1.Number of  Trekking Day.

the number of days of trekking will affect with a trekking package price, because the cost for all guides, porters and other is counted per day. therefore the more the number of days of trekking would be more expensive price for Treking package .also the reverse, the less the number of days trekking will be cheaper the price oftrekking package price.

2.Type of Trekking package.

Type of Trekking package to mount Rinjani in the division for 2 parts namely private package and join/sharing package.

1.private trekking package

private trekking package is a special trekking package for you and your friends in a group and no one else joined in your group during the climb.
And usually a trekking agency or trekking organizer divides the private trekking package into 2 parts:

1.deluxe trekking package

2.standard trekking package

NOTE:the difference between each package lies in the type of service, the addition of food, the hotel where before the climb and the type of camping equipment such as tents, mattresses and so forth such as:

  • Hotel for DELUXE PACKAGE will different with STANDARD PACKAGE.
  • Food during Trek will same with other type of package,but there is an additional food for PIV&DELUXE package such as  more fruits,soft drink,beer and so forth..for lunch,dinner and breakfast usually is same.
  • Trekking equipment as tent,mattres,sleeping bag for DELUXE PACKAGE will Be different with STANDARD PACKAGE.

2.sharing group Trekking package.

sharing group trekking package is very popular for backpackers, solo traveler and one who has a little budget. because the price ofgroup sharing package is a bit cheaper, the price for sharing group sharing packages ranges from $ 150 to $ 180 depending on the place pick up and the number of days climbing.

sharing group trekking package mean you will join to climb withother people from other countries and from other agents for do climb together in rinjani mountain, the number of participants is usually minimum 6 people and maximum 12 people.

NOTE:sahring group trekking package is special and recommended for experienced climbers only and must have a healthy level of fitness, because in a group you have to be together every day like walking, eating and sleeping. If walking too slowly then you will be left by your friends, while the guide will always is ahead to guide the others. For those of you beginners, you will be free to walk without being waited on by your friends for being slow or waiting for your other friends because you are walking too fast.

3.Number of participant.

the number of participants in a group will affect to rinjani trekking package price.more participants in 1 group will be cheaper.


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