• Daneshwaran,

    Hi, i would like to know more on the sharing package 3 days 2 nights. Do you have anyone climbing on 14 april 2018 ? Do appreciate your prompt reply. Thanks.

    • adminherma4n,

      Dear Daneshwaran,
      i Had sent You an Email.
      Thanks for Contact Us.

  • Khor,

    Hi, what is the difference between 3 days 2 night trek complete vs 3 days 2 night lake and hot springs ?
    I got only 2 persons for this trip and would like to travel to Mt. Rinjani, Lake Segara Anak and hot spring, which package should I take and how much ?

    • adminherma4n,

      Dear khor,
      Thanks for your question.
      (3 days 2 night complete) is the package for summit,Lake,hot springs and crater rim.
      and (3 days 2 night Lake&hot springs) is the trek only for go to the lake and hot springs without go to the summit.

      i sent you an email already.

      best regard

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