Rinjani Trekking Package Price

How much does it cost to climb Mount Rinjani?this is the Most frequently asked question by some people who plan to go to Rinjani.

I will explain in detail why Trekking Price Rinjani has a difference between the other packages.

COVID-19 pandemic, which has hit almost entire world and Especially in Indonesia, had a big impact on economy. This results in an increase in prices of food stuffs, products and services.As well as With climbing activities on Mount Rinjani, various new policies and requirements have been issued by Mount Rinjani National Park for climbers especially for TO (Trekking Organizer) Such as the increase in entrance ticket prices, check-up fees, antigens, VCR tests as a condition to be able to visit Mount Rinjani.

Mount Rinjani Package Price after the new normal became higher due to many factors suh as increase in entrance ticket prices, guide and porter salaries, transportation, accommodation and Increase in food prices.

In every Trekking Agency has their own standards Price .In accordance with the commitment and quality of service.Starting from the cheapest and the most expensive.All of that is not a strange thing because every Trekking Agency has its own service quality standards in serving and managing its guests.

Rinjani package price Included

Transport for Pick up on Arrival day and Drop off after finish hiking.

Accomodation a night before hike.

Speak english guide

Porter to bring all equipment and logistic

Food & Drink During Hiking

Camping gears (tent, mattras, sleeping bag, pillow,toilet tent and camping chair&table

Ticket entry to Rinjani National Park

Accident insurance during Hiking

Check up health fee

Bonus tour waterfall in Senaru village on arrival day

Package price Exclude

Additional personal porters to Bring own stuff

Tip for guide and Porters

everything that wasn’t mentioned before

The following is Trekking Package Price List after the covid 19 pandemic (tax and service included)


PACKAGES1 pax2-3 Pax4-5 pax6-7 pax8-9 pax+10 pax
2d-1n summit (For expert)$389/pax$263/pax$253/pax$239/pax$222/pax$192/pax
2d-1n Crater Rim senaru$355/pax$222/pax$214/pax$201/pax$185/pax$167/pax
3d-2n Summit (for beginner)$487/pax$304/pax$292/pax$274/pax$252/pax$227/pax
3d-2n Summit,lake & hot springs.(For expert)$455/pax$284/pax$273/pax$262/pax$241/pax$217/pax
4d-3n Summit,lake & hot springs.(For beginner)$565/pax$353/pax$339/pax$319/pax$294/pax$262/pax

Private packages price (domestic)

packages2-3 orang4-5 Orang6-7 orang8-9 orang10++
2d-1n summit (For expert)Rp.3.335.000/org Rp.3.150.000/OrgRp.2.950.000/orgRp.2.750..000/orgRp.2.450.000/org
2d-1n Crater Rim senaruRp.3.000.000/orgRp.2.850.000/orgRp.2.650.000/orgRp.2.455.000/orgRp.2.150.000/org
3d-2n Summit (for beginner)Rp.4.150.000/orgRp.3.950.000/orgRp.3.550.000/orgRp.3.350.000/orgRp.2.950.000/org
3d-2n Summit,lake & hot springs.(For expert)Rp.3.850.000/orgRp.3.650.000/orgRp.3.550.000/orgRp.3.150.000/orgRp.2.850.000/org
4d-3n Summit,lake & hot springs.(For beginner)Rp.4.750.000/paxRp.4.550.000/orgRp.4.250.000/orgRp.3.950.000Rp.3.450.000/org

we will guarantee the price you pay will be in accordance with service you will get.

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