Rinjani Trekking Organizer

About Us

Herman Trekker is a company that provides trekking services, car rental, and tour packages in Lombok, Indonesia. We are an experienced company in organizing adventure activities and outdoor holidays, and have served thousands of customers well. We have a team of experienced and trained tour guides, who are ready to help you explore the beautiful places in Lombok, starting from the mountains, forests, and beaches.

In addition, we also provide reliable car rental services to facilitate your trip while on vacation in Lombok. We provide various types of vehicles such as cars, minibuses, and tour buses. We also provide tour packages specifically designed to meet the needs of tourists who want to explore the natural beauty and culture of Lombok. Our tour packages include various popular tourist destinations in Lombok.

Herman Trekker is committed to providing a pleasant and safe experience for our customers. We always prioritize customer safety and comfort in every trekking activity, car rental, and tour package we provide.