Introducing Herman Trekker - your trekking guide for Mount Rinjani National Park

Trekking Guide and Porter team in Mount Rinjani National Park

Safety first – taking care of the individual needs of our guests

YourEnglish-speakingtrekking guide will lead the adventure and take responsibility for your safety and well-being at all times. With many years’ experience in guiding hikers from all over the world, we will assess your individual level of fitness and body condition and make sure that you feel entirely safe during the hike. We are familiar with the local weather conditions, trails and campgrounds as well as plants and animals along the track. You will have a professional guide with you who will walk close to you and take care of the group in case of any uncertainties or problems during your hiking adventure.

Professional local guides and porters – supporting the local community

Herman trekker works exclusively with local guides and portersbecause we believe that our local people are most knowledgeable about Mount Rinjani National Park - you will not be able to find someone who knows the environment better than they do. All stuff is experienced and highly professional in organising and performing trekking tours for our visitors.All guides and porters have lived in the area for many years and know the National Park very well – they are professionally trained in managing all situations during our trekking tours.

Our porters are living close to the Mount Rinjani National Park and have climbed the mountain a lot of times before. They will carry the equipment (tent, mattress, sleeping bag etc.), cooking gear and food for you. All you will have to carry is a small backpack with your personal needs such as e.g. camera, snacks (optional) and a water bottle.

We believe in the concept of ecotourism: We offer employment opportunities to our local community to achieve sustainable development and growth for the surrounding villages. Working in partnership and creating empowerment for local families has a very positive impact on the local economy.

In this way, we can combine both: On the one hand providing a memorable experience to our guests, that helps to raise understanding of Lombok’s’ environmental, social and political situation. On the other hand we support the local community through economicdevelopment and raising cultural and social awareness and respect.

“Keep Mount Rinjani clean!” 

We believe in the concept of ecotourism: With acting responsible, we can conserve and enhance biocultural diversity and protect the natural heritage of our National Park. Let’s protect our beloved mountains to make sure that this natural heritage can survive and be visited and enjoyed by many future generations.


Trekking Porter in Mount Rinjani National Park


Rinjani porter is likewise the same as guide Rinjani, they are folks who originated within the foot of the mountain rinjani area who has a whole lot experience about the mountain rinjani and had ever climbed for often.

Tasks and Responsibilities of our Trekking team


Your trekking guide is a consultant of our organization. He will prepare your trip,lead the tour and take complete responsibility during your hike in Mount Rinjani National Park. He will walk close to you and provide interesting information about the volcanoes, animals and plants as well as trail, campground and weather conditions. Your guide is trained professionally to assist you in case of any difficulties or problems during the tour and will do everything to make you feel good and safe.

Our trekking porters will bring all trekkingequipment needed and take care of all logistics. The porters will pitch the tent for you and prepare delicious meals during the tour. Some of our porters only speak our local language but most of them have a basic level of English as well. The team will spare no effort to make your adventure as convenient and enjoyable as possible.

Things to keep in mind during trekking:

  • For your own safety, you have to follow the instructions of your trekking guide without exception.
  • In case of doubt or questions, please talk to your guide and ask for assistance before making a decision.
  • Please stay close to your guide while hiking, especially during challenging sections of the trail.
  • Be friendly and become close friends with the team and hiking group members!

Please note

Your guide is not accountable if things appear that aren't in need which include accident and injuries.Due to the fact the assignment of a guide is to lead, arrange travel, assist and guide you, it is your responsibility to be extra cautious and continually comply with the instructions of your trekking guide.

Is it important to use a trekking guide and porter to climb Mount Rinjani?

The authority of Mount RinjaniNational Park has issued a clearly signed word in front of the rinjani countrywide park workplace that "foreignees are not allowed to climb without a guide and porter".From this notice we were given to know that hiking without a guide and porter is forbidden.



With us you will experience a memorable adventure in the beautiful environment of Mount Rinjani National Park.

  • We know what we are doing – feel safe during your hike.

We've got more than 10 years experience in leading hiking groups from all over the world. It will give you a feeling of safety to know that you are with a guide who will make sure you don’t get lost or stay behind.

As locals from the area of Mount Rinjani National Park, we are very familiar with the environmental and trekking conditions. We know our mountains well since many years and care both about our guests and our volcanoes.

  • We provide a complete trekking package.

We offer everything you need for your trekking trip – e.g. transport, accommodation, trekking equipment, guide,porters anda wide range of delicious local food and drinks. All this is included in yourtrekking package to Mount Rinjani.

  • No weight on your shoulders.

The trackhas some steep and challenging sections and can get very exhausting. For most of our guests the assistance of a trained, professional porter is more a necessity than luxury. We have seen people suffering while carrying their own bags – don’t become one of them.

  • Time to enjoy your hiking trip.

Food will be ready for you once you arrive. Enjoy our freshly cooked local dishes while sitting in a unique environment with magnificent views. Check out the details of our food menu here

No need to pitch your tent after an exhausting hike: the team already prepared your tent and equipment before your arrival.


  • Learn about our volcanoes and feed your Instagram!

We have decent knowlegde about the vulcanoes, plants and animals and are happy to tell you details and share our experiences.

Most important: We definitely know the most picturesque spots to get your perfect shot - feed your Instagram and Facebook!


Let us be your guides and show you around in our beautiful Mount Rinjani National Park! We truly enjoy guiding you and making this trip an unforgettable experience.

To see reviews from previous customers about their experience with us, check out our Tripadvisor Listing and Facebook Page.



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