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Food Menu in Mount Rinjani

 Food menu During Trekking Rinjani is very important For Climbers, adequate and balanced nutritional intake is needed when doing climbing activities.Therefore, we  made several food menus that are certainly not only filling but provide additional energy when climbing.

Below is the food menu that we serve in Rinjani Mountain.

Lunch and Dinner Menu

1.Fried Vegetable/Cap Cay. (Mix vegetable with Soya Sauce,fried chicken,egg,fresh Tomatto,fresh cucumber,Tempe,Toffu,crackers and white Rice)

2.Gado-Gado (mix vegetable with peanute sauce,fried chicken,egg,tempe,Tofu,fresh Tomatto,fresh Cucumber,crakers and white Rice).

3.fried nodle with mix vegetable,chicken,egg,fresh tomatto and cucumber,tofu and crackers).

4.noodle spagheti with bolognese sauce,chesee and egg.

5.special fried Rice (mix vegetable,chicken,egg,tofu,fresh tomatto,cucumber and crackers.)

6.Vegetable chicken curry (mix vegetable with curry sauce and white coconute,chicken,egg,tofu and white Rice.

7.Vegetable Noudle soup with egg and white Rice.

we serve mix fruit salad,hot Drink and soft drink at lunch and breakfast.





Hot tea
Hot lemon tea
Ginger tea.
Lombok coffe.
-hot milk.

Soft drink:
2.pocary sweat.
3.you c 1000.

Rinjani Breakfast
1.Sandwich Rinjani (bread with mayonese,mix vegetable,egg,cheese,fres tomatto,cucumber,slada and friench fries).

2.omlette,Bread and friench fries.
3.Banana Pancake,bread with jam.

Light Breakfast before start climb to the Summit.
1.Hot Bread with Chcolate.
2.oat meal.

•lunch and dinner menus can be selected as desired and on the menu.

•Tell us if you are a vegetarian and Gluten.

See photo Gallery of Our Food Menu in Rinjani here..!

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