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Informations about Trekking Activity Arround Mount Rinjani Lombok.

Food Menu in Rinjani

16 May 2022 123x Rinjani Trekking Info

Food Menu in Mount Rinjani  Food menu During Trekking Rinjani is very important For Climbers, adequate and balanced nutritional intake is needed when doing climbing activities.Therefore, we  made several food menus that are certainly not only filling but provide additional... read more


Packing List to Climb Mount Rinjani

30 March 2022 105x Rinjani Trekking Info

What is Immportant to Prepare and Bring During Hiking Rinjani?   Trekking To Mount Rinjani Is different then other Mountain In Indonesia.All climbers from abroad Must use a Porters to Carry All Logistic and Trekking Equipment such as Food,Drink,cooking gears,tent,Mattres,Sleeping... read more

Rinjani Trekking Guide and Porters

30 March 2022 240x Rinjani Trekking Info

Rinjani Trekking Guide and Porter Herman Trekker makes use of and selects the most effective local Rinjani Trekking guide and porter who professionals, informative and skilled, who dwelling close to Rinjani National Park. We selected neighborhood guide and porter because... read more

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