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rinjani trekking

Mount Rinjani has a first class amazing view among the mountains in Indonesia. Every year (juni-agustus) is visited by many fanatics ranging from local people, students, nature lovers.The average air temperature is set to 20 ° c; Lowest 12 ° c. Excessive winds at altitudes usually occur in August.

Next to the top, the usual place to visit is the lake segara anak, a lake is at an altitude of 2. 010m above sea level.To reach this area we can climb from senaru village or mooring village (2 entrance factors closest to 600m altitude above sea level and 1. 150 m above sea level).The maximum climbers start climbing the streets and stop stopping the climb in senaru, because it can withstand 700 m altitude.The long, flat course is flat and flat, and the climate is hotter because the savanna is hot (temperatures without blood but sun radiation immediately burns the pores and skin) Sun blocking cream is highly recommended.From the oblique lane with no pause, but the weather is gentle because of reality through the forest. From both places it takes about 7 hours of road to the ridge lips at an altitude of 2. 641m above sea level (arrived at crater rim senaru or Crater rim sembalun).In this area the view closer to the lake, or to the outside may be very nice.From plawangan senaru (if up from the path senaru) up to the lake through a steep wall. Which can be reached in 2 hours.At the lake we can camping, fishing (carper, tilapia) and his many other activities.Residents of Lombok have a way of life on the way to soak in the pool of warm water and fishing.The main level to the plawangan sembalun, the remaining camping places to wait for the morning.The peak attacks are generally done at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning to find beautiful moments – the sun rises at the top of rinjani mountain.The trip to the summit is pretty decent; Because it is chasing on the lips of the crater with a margin of salvation a little. Fields of sand, rocks, soil.

200 meters from the remaining peak should be excited about the problem, because one step forward followed by a half stepped way down (rocks fall). Create a plateau – it is the most challenging and appropriate area because the terrain load pays off with its beautiful natural landscape.The majestic mountains in bali, the roared mountains of banyuwangi and the tambora mountains in Sumbawa are really visible during the best weather in the morning.To climb the rinjani is not a vital equipment, stamina, patience and climbers are quite swift.

How can i climb mount rinjani?

Trekking Mount Rinjani is not something light and easy, you have to prepare all the equipment such as tents, mattresses, sleeping bags and so on.
You have to prepare food while in Rinjani mountain and also you have to prepare energy and physical to make it happen.

But for those of you who do not want to bother to bring and prepare everything, you can order trekking agency or trekking organizer who will arrange your climbing program to Mount Rinjani, prepare all your climbing equipment and prepare all logistics while climbing.

By ordering a trekking,hiking and climbing package at the trekking agency, you can easily reach Mount Rinjani without carrying luggage, as the climbing service has prepared everything you need while in the mountains such as food, guides that will accompany and guide you throughout your stay at Mount Rinjani.The porters will carry all the equipment along Mount Rinjani such as food, tents, cookware and so on.
Among the trekking agencies experienced in arranging the program and preparing everything you need while in the mountains of Rinjani is HERMAN TREKKER-Mount Rinjani Trekking and Tour Guide. Which will provide convenience and comfort in traveling at Mount Rinjani.
Because just by ordering the climbing package you will get services like:

  •  Pick-up in all areas on lombok island such as at airports, harbour and in other areas.
  • drop off after completion of the ascent to the next destination.
  •  the hotel where you spend the night before climbing the next day.
  •  experienced local guide who will accompany and guide you during your stay at Mount Rinjani.
  • porter who will brings all of your trekking equipment,food etc…
  • Trekking equipment as tent,mattras,sleeping bag,toilet tent and cooking gears.
  • Food and drinks during in mount rinjani.
  • entrance ticket to rinjani mountain national park
  • accident insurance in the mount Rinjani, which will apply as long as you are in the area of ​​rinjani mountain national park.

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Good Luck and Have a Nice Trek..!