Trekking to Mount Rinjani is the most popular program choice for those of you who are on holiday to lombok island.

We offer a day trip package to mount rinjani which is perfect for you who have limited holiday time in lombok island.

You will be able to enjoy the beauty of mountain scenery Rinjani without traveling for days.

 You will spend a day trekking to mount Rinjani climbing from Senaru Village to Senaru Crater Rim, and will end in senaru village within the same day.

Do not you have the time and the finances are thin, but you really want to enjoy the beautiful Rinjani famous in Lombok? We will provide solutions how to save time, and money, without missing out on the most beautiful moments on the island of Lombok. 1 day Trek package is the solution.

 This involves a long day, but what awaits you at the top is really worth the go.

Rinjani for some people is a mountain that is hard to climb but is one of the most satisfying.

Seeing the spectacular morning scene of the Senaru crater bullet might be done if starting the midnight climb, say 02.00 / 01. 00 to the Senaru rim and down directly to Senaru village after a few hours stop at the lips. This option is best for you time-limited.

The trails are rocky and stop steep but we will find great moments in our lives from the view of Senaru Rim: Spectacular sunrise above 3 Gili and Mount. Agung on the island of Bali. The sun rises from next to the mountain valley. Sanggka Reyang, Smoke along the new volcano hole in the middle of Lake Segara Anak, Summit of Mt. Rinjani 3,726 m, great experience trekking Mt. Rinjani one day down the Senaru crater

Package detail itinerary

Arrival day

For your convenience and security, we will pick you up on your arrival days in all areas in lombok island such as at airports, harbours and other tourist attractions such as in mataram, senggigi, kuta and others.

And then we will take you to our office in senaru village to make the registration, payment, direction and preparation what is needed during the climb for tomorrow morning

And then we will drive you to your hotel room which we have provided for overnight and rest.

Note: You can visit and enjoy the view of a populer and amazing waterfall in indonesia that "sindang gile waterfall" and "tiu kelep Waterfall" if you arrive in Senaru village at noon

Day 1

01.00 : wake up
01.30 / 02.30 : breakfast and pick up from hotel to Senaru Village
02.00 / 03.00 : start trek from Seanaru village
06.00 : arrive in senaru crater rim before sunrise
07.00 : get breakfast in senaru crater rim while enjoying the view.
09. 00 : go back down to senaru village
14.30 : arrive in senaru and than transfer you to your next destinations.

Note: if you are stay in senggigi or near of senggigi,we can pick you up at 11.00 am - 12.00 am than dirrect do trek when you arrive in senaru village.